Dahna M. Chandler is a strategic content writer with an award-winning journalism background and marketing fluency who provides lead-generating, strategically-written editorial content writing services to thriving enterprises.

"I always look forward to receiving your pieces, because they are very well done and thorough. I never have to worry about you not understanding how we want the article."  — Hana Ansari, Digital Marketing Analyst, Trusted Choice


In his recent article, The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017, the Content Marketing Institute's Joe Pulizzi said:

"Writing still counts, perhaps more than ever. More than not, marketers are abuzz about social media and video without comprehending that most of our communication is still text- and story-based. And frankly, most marketers are really bad at writing."

The bottom line always has been that marketing fails without strong writing as its foundation. It is for that reason my firm existsto add immediate value to your thriving enterprise with my expert editorial content writing skills to help you reach the marketing objectives that can propel you to your next revenue level. 

I'm a strategic content writing consultant with an award-winning journalism background and marketing fluency. Based in Washington, DC, I have nearly 25 years of both editorial writing and content marketing experience, starting professionally on AOL's Business Know-How in 1998.

I understand the editorial content development process end-to-end, from creation to optimization. I join your team at the creation or revision stage of your content marketing program. I then work with you on the part of the process for which I'm contracted to produce the content you need to meet your marketing goals and contribute to your organization's overall success.

Throughout the project, I use my strong business acumen and marketing expertise to employ an integrative marketing approach to writing your business content. That way, it seamlessly integrates into your content marketing strategy and produces your brand's desired customer experiences.

As I collaborate with you on your content marketing projects, I work hard to earn the kind of trust that the client testimonial above shows. That's true whether the clients are content brands like this one; thriving digital marketing agencies, content marketing platforms, corporations or commercial law firms or the limited editorial clients I serve at select media outlets or industry trade publications. 

My niches are commercial and personal finance, business and property insurance, residential real estate, business operations and development, and legal marketing. I also write about HR, travel, and some lifestyle content. As I would I've done with actual journalism work, much of the content I write for brands is well-researched, editorial content. 

Quality Written Content Improves Marketing Outcomes

My mission is to provide you with clear, consistent, immediately useful and compelling written content for your audiences. High-quality content like this makes readers happy, builds your authority and credibility, and improves your marketing outcomes. You need an expert editorial business content writer to create content that produces these experiences.

I understand your need for editorial business content that attracts, converts, and retain your target audiences as loyal customers or readers. An experienced digital marketing strategist, I combine the excellent writing and story development skills I use in my journalism work with my keen understanding of content marketing strategy to create effective, lead-generating content.

Working within your editorial or content marketing plan, I write content that connects with your audience and compels them to act the way you intend, so they become your clients or loyal readers. Then, I work with you to create more content that you can incorporate into your customer or reader retention strategies.

This level of skill is why I receive rave reviews consistent with the one above from my clients. I always aim to provide such high value with the work I do for them because I want all my clients this excited about collaborating with me.

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I'm sure you want to know much about me before you decide to contact me about your next project or assignment. I think I've made that easy to do by allowing you to read what you want and skip what you don't. Click the links below to learn more about what I provide to clients and how I work best with you to help you achieve your marketing objectives while creating a mutually beneficial business relationship.

What content writer and business journalist Dahna Chandler can provide for you.What I Can Provide For You

As a busy marketing or editorial professional, you need a strategic content writer or journalist who makes your job less stressful. Learn how I can do that by providing the high-quality, clean content you need while preserving your peace of mind and allowing you to focus on other work.



 How strategic content writer and award-winning business journalist Dahna Chandler writes your content.How I Write Your Content

You require a journalist or strategic content writer who can create content that fits seamlessly into your digital marketing strategy and gets found online. As I have during my nearly 25 years in journalism and digital marketing, I specialize in writing content that accomplishes those key client marketing goals. Learn how I write to suit your needs.



How strategic content writer and award-winning journalist Dahna Chandler works best with you.How I Work Best with You

You want a strategic content writer or journalist who fits well into your remote team, where teamwork is critical for business success. I'm highly collaborative but able to work independently, too. Learn how I collaborate with your organization to provide excellent written content that delights your target audiences.



What you can expect from award-winning business and finance journalist and strategic content writer Dahna Chandler.What You Can Expect from Me

I'm committed to the excellence in my work that you expect from strategic content writing consultants or journalists. Because combining my writing skills with content marketing strategy, branding and audience development is my passion, that excellence is what you get. Learn more about what you can expect from me to make working with me an excellent experience.



Hire Dahna Chandler and get stellar work.How to Work with Me

I'm here to offer you high-value strategic content writing and journalism services. To learn more about my work background and professional experience, please review my recent writing credits and resume and, as importantly, what I don't offer. Once you believe I could be a strong fit for writing needs, contact me about helping you excel with your content marketing plan or reaching your exceptional editorial audience with my writing services. I look forward to hearing from you.





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