How Dahna M Chandler Writes Your Editorial Content

Get Found with Searchable Content

If your content isn’t searchable, that is SEO-friendly, it won’t matter how much you produce. As a business and finance journalist with strategic content marketing experience and skill, I’m adept at writing informative, searchable and shareable content. I specialize in content that’s easily integrated into your robust content marketing or editorial plan.

Because of my strong marketing fluency and business acumen, I understand your content must be distinguishable from your competitor’s so your target audience will choose your brand as their go to source. It’s getting multiple individual readers to make that choice repeatedly that ensures your content marketing strategy succeeds. That means it’s crucial your content does well in search.

My objective is to write content that also is easily found online by incorporating effective keyword optimization strategy into my work.

Immediately Useful Content Converts

Brands only have nanoseconds to prove their content is useful to readers before they’re looking for content that is. You know you not only have to get reader attention, you have to keep it long enough to trust your site has value.

From the first words, your content needs to educate your ideal client or reader on why your brand or publication is the best one in the marketplace to choose to solve their unique challenges or find helpful information. I will collaborate with you to develop content that achieves those results.

I will produce content designed to attract readers and to facilitate high conversion both on your website and social media platforms. Those social sites are where the highest conversions are likely to occur since that’s where most website traffic originates.

My articles not only will inform readers, but they will also provoke thought and conversation making readers want to comment, share, subscribe and come back to read more. Those articles will have a deliberate editorial tone, not a marketing tone (though I can write advertorials and other custom content, too, for those media organizations that offer those services to clients).

Only Targeted Content Succeeds

If you’re a marketing agency, I can help you help your content brands reach their target audiences with their message and convert them to the desired relationship or opportunity. Experienced with online content development, I will write digital content that specifically created for lead generation. This is one reason the major content marketing platforms I work with regularly choose me for their teams.

If yours is a media outlet or trade publication, I will write articles that resonate with and enlighten your readers without talking down to them. I’m known for my ability to write articles that draw readers in and keep them engaged from the beginning to the end of the piece. I also can easily convert complex concepts into reader-friendly, intelligent prose. Editors for recognized media outlets

Professional Experience and Education Count

As important as my writing skills, I’m a long-time inbound marketing strategist (and former small digital marketing agency owner). So, I also understand all aspects of social media marketing, web branding, and development as well as how your content needs to integrate into your marketing automation program. And, I will write it with those factors in mind when requested.

You’d do best to contract with me for strategic content writing, copywriting and journalism services. But I also bring the skills I’ve developed creating and executing digital marketing calendars and campaigns for 20 years. I incorporate all those skills to any content writing or copywriting project or journalistic assignment I do. Similarly, I can create content your brand will use specifically in social media marketing campaigns.

I don’t believe I can have too much education or stop developing my skill. So, I’m currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communications with a concentration in Digital Communications at Georgetown University. I get an applied education in this program that allows me to apply my new skills and information with clients immediately after every class.

Let’s Work Together

If mine seems to be the kind of strategic content writing consulting you need for your project or assignment, please reach out to me to discuss your needs. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I look forward to partnering with you to make your content marketing campaign successful with effective written content.

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