As an experienced journalist and strategic content writer, my goal is to become an integral part of your remote team to help you tell stories the way business readers expect—interesting, factual, useful, and relevant. Moreover, I’m committed to both creating such exceptional content and providing the experience you anticipate when working with an experienced writer.

While I work remotely, collaboration with me across your organizational team to achieve best outcomes is key. Only by working together effectively will we make sure my deliverables integrate well into your content marketing strategy.

For example, if yours is a marketing firm or agency that wants to contract writing work to me, when necessary, I’ll work directly with your clients to gain a granular understanding of their business, its goals and what messaging they want to convey to their audience. Then, I’ll produce the right content with no frustration or misunderstanding caused by miscommunication or missing information and few iterations required.

If yours is another type of organization, like an association or private enterprise for whom I’m working directly as a writer, I will work best with you or your marketing team if I have access to your key thought leaders or personnel to interview or ask them questions. That will help me create the content you need me to develop with precision.

In my experience, with the exception of content marketing platforms where I work with editorial staff, communicating any other way—for example, asking your clients for the information you believe I need and trying to convey it to me yourself—has been shown to fail abysmally. I am most effective at partnering with organizations that provide the direct access to key personnel I need to provide the best content writing outcomes for them.

Beyond that, I may ask numerous clarifying questions. But, if you respond to my requests in a timely way and provide clear instructions, I can then work independently, without reminding or handholding, to get my deliverables to you on time and budget. Clear, consistent communication is necessary for success with editorial clients as well.

Please review my recent writing credits and resume to learn more about how my strategic content writing services can fit your needs. Then, if I’m the kind of content writer you’d like to integrate into your remote team of marketing consultants, please reach out to me today. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I’m confident I can help you excel with your content marketing plan or in reaching your unique reading audience with my writing services. 

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