Recent Article and Copywriting Credits for Dahna M. Chandler, Award-Winning Business and Finance Journalist and Strategic Content Writer

An award-winning journalist and strategic content writing consultant, I specialize in writing, primarily, digital content your readers are searching for and will keep them coming back for more. I provide my editorial content writing services to thriving financial services brandsdigital and content marketing agencies, and high-growth small companies. I also still do some traditional journalism work for select national media outlets and trade publications.

As these clips show, I maintain domain expertise in commercial and personal finance, business and property insurance, residential real estate, business operations and development, and legal marketing. I also write about HR, travel, and some lifestyle content. Moreover, I’m adept at content marketing strategy and can help your organization create written content that fits seamlessly into your content marketing plan.

Accordingly, below are my most recent editorial content, trade publication, association, travel copywriting and journalism clips. I have categorized or clearly identified them, so there is no misrepresentation or confusion about the clients or organizations for which I produced the content.

All these clips are fewer than two years old and will give you an overview of what I’ve written professionally in recent months. That way, you can quickly determine what kind of content writing work I can do for your organization or publication.

My Past Experience page will show you the writing I did from the late 1990s through 2011.

Please review these clips, my resume, and services to see how I can most effectively partner with you to achieve your content marketing or editorial objectives.

Then, feel free to reach out to me about your journalism assignment or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute introductory call to discuss your content writing project.* You can learn about what to expect during that call by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I look forward to hearing from and potentially working with you.

Trade Publications and Corporate Blogs 

Institutional Finance and Business Operations

How to Effectively Educate Your Bigger is Better Clients About the FlexShares ETF Difference
FlexShares (Managed by Northern Trust)

Is Your Onboarding Process Sending the Wrong Message?

ACH Data Means More Lending for a NY Credit Union (PDF)

Close the Talent Gap with Credit Risk Training to Attract and Retain the Best Employees
Ghostwriting—Banking Sector Consultancy

How to Reduce Credit Risk and Employee Friction at Banks
Ghostwriting—Banking Sector Consultancy

Credit Risk Training for Bankers: The Robust Response to Aggressive Federal Regulation
Ghostwriting—Banking Sector Consultancy

Building a Strong Credit Culture as a Team: How HR and Credit Administration Can Collaborate to Train Bankers
Ghostwriting—Banking Sector Consultancy

Taming the Savage Culture: A Q&A with Tim Mulligan
HR Magazine

Case Study: A New Approach To Pay Scales At Member One FCU (PDF)

Case Study: A Strategy To Reward Members For Good Behavior (PDF)

Case Study: 120 Days To Credit Union Proficiency (PDF)

Case Study: How Fairfax County FCU Moved Beyond Disaster and Back to Work (PDF)

Media Outlets

Business and Personal Finance

4 types of identity fraud thieves bet you won’t monitor against

College degree ROI: Is your school of choice worth taking on debt to attend? Money

5 tips on coping with your marathon commute to work Money

As airlines tackle a weighty issue, could your size really keep you off a flight? Money

How to Fly Like a Rock Star on a Garage Band Budget:
Tips for flying on private jets while on a budget Money

Want your kids to avoid college debt? Start in high school Parents

How to get financial help to age in place
The Baltimore Beacon (Also in the print edition.)

Health and Lifestyle

The Most Common UTI Symptoms in Women
Urinary tract infections can become life-threatening if left untreated.

How to Lose Weight in Your Face
No plastic surgery required.

20 Really Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

25 Products with a Lifetime Guarantee

40 of the Most Inspirational Books for Women

10 Can’t Miss Country Music Festivals

Sharing homes, lives with vets
The Senior Beacon
Baltimore Edition

(This was the cover Story for the print edition.)

Editorial Content for Brands and Associations

Personal Finance and Residential Real Estate

Gen X Rules Real Estate: Here Are Your Best Home Loans
The Mortgage Reports (A most read story of the week.)

Selling A Home: Meet Gen X and Gen Y (Your New Buyers)
The Mortgage Reports

New House, New Headache! How To Avoid New Construction Problems
The Mortgage Reports

Stress-Free Downsizing: Small Home Mortgage Loans [Infographic]
The Mortgage Reports

Use Natural Stone in Living and Work Spaces to Increase Well-Being

Multifamily Homes: Make Your House Pay For Itself
The Mortgage Reports

Want To Buy A House? Here’s A Checklist You Need To Have
The Mortgage Reports

Buying A House Where Prices Exceed Your Budget
The Mortgage Reports

Your Plain English Guide To Real Estate Terms
The Mortgage Reports

Plain English Guide To Terms You’ll Hear From Your Loan Officer
The Mortgage Reports

How ARM Rates Help You Get More Home When Fixed Rates Keep Rising
The  Mortgage Reports

HELOC Payment Shock? Try These Refinance Solutions
The Mortgage Reports

Mortgages In 2017: How Buyers Benefit Most
The Mortgage Reports

First-timer? Here’s How To Shop Your Way To The Lowest Mortgage Rate
The Mortgage Reports

Building Off the Land: A Look at Historic Natural Stone Farmhouses

Single Women Homebuyers: Your Guide To Getting It Right
The Mortgage Reports

Buying A Home During The Holidays: 5 Top Strategies
The Mortgage Reports

Boomerang Buyers Can Get A Mortgage After Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure
The Mortgage Reports

Winterize Your Home: 5 Things Homeowners Are Doing Now
The Mortgage Reports

Natural Thin Stone Veneer: An Introduction — The Natural Stone Institute

Kid and Pet-Friendly Natural Stone Flooring The Natural Stone Institute

Beginning Investors: How to Invest Money Online*

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Planner*

6 Smart Strategies to Start Flipping Houses for Profit*

How to Find and Purchase Foreclosed Homes the Right Way*

Doing the Math: Paying Down Debt vs. Saving for Retirement
Yahoo! Finance

(Written originally for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau under Yahoo! Branded Content)

7 Questions Smart Donors Ask When Choosing a Charity*

Your Great Credit Has Its Perks, Especially When Choosing Credit Cards*

How to Use an Auto Loan to Rebuild Your Credit*

Your Three-Step Plan for Rebuilding Your Credit*

How to Qualify for a Mortgage as a Small Business Owner*

7 Keys to Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent*

Funding College Without Going into Debt Part 2: Applying for Scholarship*

Funding College Without Going into Debt Part 1: Finding Scholarships*

Consolidating Your Student Loans: What You Need to Know*

Best Mortgages: Is Your Lender Licensed?

Selling Your Home: Repair, or Sell As-Is

Personal Line of Credit vs. Credit Card: Which Makes More Sense?

Buying a Home: How to Finance a Rental Property

Signature Loans: What Happens if You Don’t Repay?

(* is the marketing brand of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (Big “I”), a trade association.)

Small Business and Technology

Easy Ways to Incorporate Small Business Trends into Your Office Design
CORT Furniture Rental

Business Agility: Tips for Excelling During Periods of Exponential Growth
CORT Furniture Rental

The Importance of Quality Furniture for Your Small Business
CORT Furniture Rental

How Office Design Affects Your Business
CORT Furniture Rental

THE Marketing Tool for Ecommerce Sellers in 2016
Avalara TrustFile Blog

How Sales Tax Nonpayment Can Hurt Your Business and Personal Credit
Avalara TrustFile Blog

How to Avoid the #1 Sales Tax Bookkeeping Mistake
Avalara TrustFile Blog

5 Common Sales Tax Mistakes Every Reseller Can Avoid
Avalara TrustFile Blog

Is Shipping and Handling Taxable?
Avalara TrustFile Blog

Choosing Good Passwords: Keeping Your Secrets Safe from Digital Thieves*

5 Ways to Keep Your Growing Business Lean and Mean
Avalara TrustFile Blog

Stop Making These Common Sales Tax Management Mistakes!
Avalara TrustFile Blog

Should Your Small Business Choose a Credit Union Instead of a Bank?*

Is How You Use Social Media Setting You Up for Identity Theft?*

Business Loans: Qualifying for a small business loan

Commercial Real Estate and Law Firm Business

Reviving a Minnesota Monument: Using Natural Stone in the Minnesota State Capitol Restoration Project

11 books for lawyers to reach their personal and business New Year’s resolutions
Lawyernomics by Avvo

6 ways for attorneys to slow down and enjoy the holidays
Lawyernomics by Avvo

Why your practice needs this specialized law firm business plan
Lawyernomics by Avvo

How to build your firm’s net worth with a strong referral network
Lawyernomics by Avvo

4 ways to rock the Avvo Q&A forum
Lawyernomics by Avvo

How to implement a cybersecurity plan for your law practice
Lawyernomics by Avvo

Cybersecurity: does your small law firm address this serious business risk?
Lawyernomics by Avvo

Why Rental Investors Need to Keep a Well-Funded Rental Maintenance Account

How Should Law Firms Prepare Attorneys to Participate in Digital Marketing?
Capital Ideas*

What’s your law firm’s ideal client legal marketing persona?
Lawyernomics by Avvo

DLA Piper Wins a 2016 Your Honor Award for Its Compelling Film, “In A Flash (A Lesson in Cybersecurity)”
Capital Ideas*

How to Choose the Right Structural Engineer to Inspect Your Flips

YHA Profile: Jenna Schiappacasse Wins YHA 2016 Member of the
Capital Ideas*

Easy Ways to Save Money on Rehab Materials and Tools

How to Assemble Your Flipping Dream Team

7 Tools to Assist with Project Management
Capital Ideas*

Is the PMP Certification Worth It for Legal Marketers?
Capital Ideas*

Member Profile: Candace Gill, Client Services Director at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Capital Ideas*

Getting Formal in 2016: Putting an Effective Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy on Paper
Written for the Legal Marketing AssociationSocial Media SIG Blog. Publicly posted here.

*The newsletter blog of the Legal Marketing Association Capital Chapter, to which I contribute as an association member.

Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness

Out with the Old: When It’s Time to Update to Safer Furniture
CORT Furniture Rental

New Life for Old Furniture: Trendy or Neutral
CORT Furniture Rental

Surprising Facts About the Eco-Friendliness of Furniture Rental
CORT Furniture Rental

How to Reclaim Secondhand Wood Furniture and Make It Your Own
CORT Furniture Rental

4 Luxury Cars You Can Only Dream About
Hertz Car Rental Blog

Easy Ways to Create a Mobile Lifestyle
CORT Furniture Rental

Ways to Make Moving into Your New Home a Breeze
CORT Furniture Rental

Make Sure You Don’t Choose a Rotten Pumpkin Ever Again

Going All Organic: 7 Questions You Should Ask Before You Do

Interior Designer’s Secret Tips to Buying Furniture

Lift Some Weight Off Your Kid’s Shoulders by Choosing the Right Backpack

How to Choose Kitchen Knives Like a Pro on Your Budget

General News

Pursuing Passions Can Create a Force for Social Change

States Consider Repealing Laws Revoking Licenses for Student Loan Default

Copywriting Services

I also provide copywriting services and am most passionate about writing travel copy for the high-end hotel and vacation rental industry. Here are several clips of original content I wrote for the travel website as part of an updating and writing project I completed for the venerable website:

Embassy Circle Guest House, Washington, DC

The Graham Georgetown Hotel, Washington, DC

Woodley Park Guest House Hotel, Washington, DC

The Carlyle, A Kimpton Hotel, Washington, DC

I’ve added these clips with permission of my editor at, and she gladly will vouch for my abilities and work ethic (as my other editors will). Please reach out to me about your copywriting projects as well. 

(* I reserve the right to decline any project of any type for any reason at any time without any explanation.)

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