Located in Washington, DC, I’m a Wellesley College alumna and strategic content writing consultant with an internationally published, award-winning Dahna M. Chandler, Strategic Content Writer and Business & Finance Journalstbusiness and finance journalism background. I’ve been a fanatic about the internet since I first saw it in high school and began using it to market in college, where I helped pack free or sell out paid events using early email marketing. I have been writing digital content professionally for business clients as long as I’ve been a professional journalist, for 20 years. 

It’s because of my love of all things digital and journalistic storytelling that my specialty is now strategic content writing strategy. That combines journalistic writing and brand storytelling with content marketing fluency and business acumen to create lead-generating, original editorial content that converts.

As important as my background as a journalist and strategic content writing consultant is my entrepreneur’s background. I come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs, so it’s in my DNA. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18 and won a company award for statewide insurance sales at age 22.

While I focused for many years on raising my son rather than making millions as an entrepreneur, I’m as passionate about being a successful small business owner as I am writing. As such, not only have I won an award as an entrepreneur, because of my understanding of entrepreneurship, I won one writing about a previously successful entrepreneur’s business failure for a major publication.  

Moreover, I’ve always used my entrepreneurial background to help other small businesses succeed. I was a successful publicity consultant* for entrepreneurs in Boston and here in the DC area and effective business and marketing coach in Atlanta. My results helping others launch businesses were the focus of public accolades, including speeches and television interviews.

My role as an entrepreneur and my love of all things digital drives my desire to do work as a strategic content writing consultant that helps other enterprises succeed with superior content.

Recent Professional Experience

Most recently, I’ve provided my strategic content writing services to consumer and commercial finance professional blogging clients like the, Avalara TrustFile, and 5 Arch Funding. I write regularly for The Mortgage Reports, and Lawyernomics by Avvo. I’ve also written content for Raymond James, Chase, New York Life and Traveler’s Insurance.

I’ve also been both a senior business content writer and strategic content writing consultant for For this insurance industry brand, I created highly-shared personal finance articles as well as strategic content writing templates used by other writers to create robust content for their insurance marketing campaign.

And, I’ve worked with content marketing platforms like Contently, Skyword, Yahoo! Branded Content as well as for small digital marketing agencies. Additionally, I’ve worked as a strategic content writing consultant for companies of all types and sizes.

I’m also still a working journalist. My recent news media outlet and trade publication clients include NBC’s,,,, Cox Media’s and HR Magazine. Over my previous years of experience, I’ve written hard news and features, as well as service pieces and narrative nonfiction, for other recognized, primarily national, print and online publications.

My current editorial and content clients will agree I work until I’m done and will cooperate with you to achieve the results you want. If I can’t do something, I say so. If I need help, I ask. I’m a business owner working with other professionals to produce excellent content to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

As such, I strive to meet both the editorial objectives for the publications and content marketing aims of the organizations for which I write as well as the content needs of the audiences they serve. Ultimately, my goal is to make your often challenging job easier, not make you regret partnering with me.

As the World Changes, So Must I

Formerly a regular contributor to Black Enterprise Magazine and, I received an award about a decade ago for an article I wrote for the publication. I’m grateful to have been honored for my hard work, and I will continue to write as a journalist with a new resolve. While I stopped writing hard news, especially investigative pieces, that changed because of recent world and personal life events.

Those include Brexit and the global ‘populist’ movement. But, as an American whose father fought in the civil rights movement and who was part of Boston’s busing crisis and subsequent integration activities in the city’s neighborhoods and schools, I’ve been shaken by the attempts to return America to the era before those movements.

For me, the recent US presidential election outcome and my understanding that this government’s policies place many who have been marginalized at great risk of loss of liberty and life solidified my resolve to return to actively being a voice for those who don’t have one or whose voices are limited. Additionally, some personal challenges related to having written this award-winning expose, including attempts to silence me as an investigative and hard news journalism, have cause me to decide to return to writing hard news and investigative pieces. 

It doesn’t suit my personality remain silent when I know I can use my gifts as an activist and journalist to challenge the current state of affairs and address what lead to them by telling stories that achieve both. So, instead of leaving that task to other journalists, I’ve committed to joining them in this movement. 

That means I will actively avoid conflict of interest in writing both editorial content and hard news or investigative pieces. Some organizations may fear I’ll be taking an adversarial relationship with their enterprise or looking for negative things to write. However, the content clients with whom I choose to work are distinctly different from those I might write about in a hard news capacity.

High Ethical Standards, High Work Standards

Just as I don’t do “media placement” to get client news published using this back door method, I don’t work with clients I suspect may violate laws, industry conventions and do other harm to the public. I carefully research each prospective client prior to taking work with them. I only work with those with whom I share the same values of integrity, commitment to social and economic justice and well-doing for their customers.

Just as I expect that if my work in this area makes you uncomfortable, you won’t consider me for your projects, I reserve the right to decline any opportunity offered to me that compromises my ethics.

But, if we do work together on content writing, I’m able to write in your brand voice in a way that represents your enterprise in a positive manner and helps you achieve your marketing goals. As a content writer and strategist, I’m committed to service excellence in combining my editorial skills with content marketing fluency to write digital business and consumer content that’s positive, upbeat, immediately useful, and lead-generating for the brands with which I partner.

I will bring the same level of commitment to excellence to your brand as your strategic content writing consultant as I do to the media organizations for which I write hard news and investigative pieces.

Keeping My Skills Sharp and My Mind Sharper

I believe in keeping skills sharp so I maintain professional membership in several writer’s organizations where I can take workshops and gain other educational experiences at a reasonable fee. I also connect with my writer Georgown Hoyas Bulldog Logocolleagues there, especially those who are, like me, work both as journalists and digital content writers.

Additionally, I also engage in training and other activities to improve my content marketing and writing skills. I’m am so committed to excellence in that area, I began working toward my graduate degree in Georgetown University’s Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications program in fall 2016.

In the two courses I’ve taken in that program, I receive high “A” grades. I took a leave-of-absence to deal with some challenges I’ll soon begin writing about having seen some terribly injustices done to others. First, I must prevent that type of injustice relaated to another’s fraud from being perpetrated against me.

But, I miss school and will return in September 2017 with new resolve and commitment to become one of the best independent content writers, content marketing strategist and client service providers in the industry. Though I’m strong in those areas, I always can be better. In the one semester I’ve been on leave, the program has shifted to focus more on editorial content writing so I’ll be taking journalism courses while remaining focused on digital content strategy.

This specialized master’s degree provides opportunities to learn the advanced content writing skills, multimedia content development and entrepreneurial skills necessary to work in corporate content marketing environments.

Getting this advanced degree also is another way I will be able to serve my digital content writing clients more successfully while taking classes since the coursework is applied–I can use what I learn in class immediately. It’s also pretty amazing to be a Georgetown Hoya! I fully expect to continue to excel in the program and am excited to be returning.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re considering working with me, please review my services, resume, and recent article and copywriting credits and reach out to me about your project or assignment. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.I look forward to hearing from and, perhaps, working with you.

(* I no longer offer publicity consulting services nor do I offer media placement.)

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