Often, when marketing managers need remote content marketing help, they want to find the right professional and get them started quickly. For most of them, the ideal contractor to meet content writing demands is a strategic content writer because of their specialized skills. A strategic content writer is a professional writer with a strong editorial […]

Good Storytelling Equals Successful Content Marketing It’s now stating the obvious that we live in the era of information overload. Your target audience experiences just what you do whenever they go online to find information that helps them solve a problem or answer a question. To capture the attention of your target audience successfully, you […]

There are several social media networks where lawyers at smaller firms can connect with other legal professionals and prospective clients to conduct business development activities. Some of these networks are specialized or “niche”; they are created primarily or exclusively for particular groups like attorneys. One such network is Avvo and, while the general public can sign […]

Most businesses know that publicity is one of the most effective marketing tactics they can use. In fact, many experienced professionals trust press coverage more than other content forms. That’s why I’m sure I get regular calls from prospective clients who want their story told in the media. But, they want me to write favorable publicity stories about […]

In most law firms where practice groups offer business clients legal services, whom you’ll be dealing with the legal services buying process depends on the size of the target organization. In a small business, you’ll probably deal with one or two principals while in larger firms, you may deal with several members of the c-suite or […]

Since returning to journalism, strategic content writing and copywriting full-time, I have asked been several times to use my byline and media connections to get articles about organizations “placed” in trustworthy, high-readership publications or blogs. Several prospective clients have wanted to pay me a fee to use my byline to get paid assignments from their […]

There is a lot of debate in content marketing strategy circles about content that increases conversion rates; that is, turning your website’s visitors into leads and, ultimately, buyers, members, or subscribers. Whatever kind of business relationship you’re trying to convert your leads’ actions into, you need the right content marketing strategy to achieve those goals. […]

Meet Johnny Ducketts.* He’s the man in the picture above, and he’s your direct competitor. He looks happy, doesn’t he? That’s because he recognizes the world of marketing has forever shifted and it continues to change. He’s accepted the reality that audiences want useful, compelling content, not sales pitches or ads. That’s communications, which is an […]