Just like many other business owners, it’s hard to convince law firm leaders an attractive website providing foundational content isn’t all that’s necessary to generate qualified leads. That’s particularly true for smaller law firm owners who have fewer resources and less time to market. Indeed, many law practices have achieved their primary aim of providing essential information on their websites. But is that […]

Email is not dead like some marketing prognosticators periodically have declared. You know that because we all get them, often as email solicitations. Some of them we welcome; some we do not. Yet, as recent statistics show, we know that email marketing is still a very important marketing strategy.  That's because, according to Pew Research, […]

There are several social media networks where lawyers at smaller firms can connect with other legal professionals and prospective clients to conduct business development activities. Some of these networks are specialized or “niche”; they are created primarily or exclusively for particular groups like attorneys. One such network is Avvo and, while the general public can sign […]

Often, smaller law firms struggle with attracting more billable work and they may think just doing more legal marketing as a business development activity solves the problem. In fact, many are convinced that legal marketing and business development are one function at law firms and anyone who does legal marketing can and should do business […]

Today, it's no longer enough to be a boutique B2B law firm full of smart, experienced lawyers to get hired. That's the premise from which most prospective clients operate today—that a firm's lawyers had better be brilliant even to be considered for their work. In fact, you've learned from the seismic shifts in the legal culture […]