Just like many other business owners, it’s hard to convince law firm leaders an attractive website providing foundational content isn’t all that’s necessary to generate qualified leads. That’s particularly true for smaller law firm owners who have fewer resources and less time to market. Indeed, many law practices have achieved their primary aim of providing essential information on their websites. But is that […]

Often, when marketing managers need remote content marketing help, they want to find the right professional and get them started quickly. For most of them, the ideal contractor to meet content writing demands is a strategic content writer because of their specialized skills. A strategic content writer is a professional writer with a strong editorial […]

More brands and organizations are launching or accelerating their content marketing programs each day. As they do, the need for specialized talent to provide the components of the strategy, like written content, increases. In fact, among the first type of contractors that firms will hire are strategic content writers. These specialized professional writers have a […]

Frankly, content marketing is largely about the writing. It just won't work if the writing isn't exceptional. That makes finding top writing talent a priority. But, one of the major content marketing talent gaps that marketing executives must fill in their content marketing teams is in expert strategic content writers. These are not "just writers." […]

Good Storytelling Equals Successful Content Marketing It's now stating the obvious that we live in the era of information overload. Your target audience experiences just what you do whenever they go online to find information that helps them solve a problem or answer a question. To capture the attention of your target audience successfully, you […]

Email is not dead like some marketing prognosticators periodically have declared. You know that because we all get them, often as email solicitations. Some of them we welcome; some we do not. Yet, as recent statistics show, we know that email marketing is still a very important marketing strategy.  That's because, according to Pew Research, […]

When people are experiencing some sort of pain or challenge, they go looking for solutions, usually online first. Today, this process is typically called by marketers "the buyer's journey," during which there is an awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage.  Firms have an opportunity with their online marketing to make an impact on prospective customers seeking […]

As the illustration above shows, the first step to creating a content marketing strategy that can drive increased revenue to your smaller B2B law firm is a formal plan. In fact, studies show that documented content marketing strategies are most effective while "spray and pray" strategies are not only a waste of precious resources, they usually […]