I’m taking a course called Consulting in the Master’s program in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Georgetown University. I’m in this program because, not only do I already provide strategic content writing consulting service, I’m relaunching my corporate communications consulting practice in early 2018. So it’s an investment in my business and gives me […]

Jenna* had always been bright and ambitious. A precocious child, she’d established big goals early in her life. One of them was being an entrepreneur, a global consultant. Determined to make that reality, she launched her consulting firm right after attending a top-tier business school. She operated lean and mean and, because of her business […]

According to a 2005 SBA study, between 36-53% of small businesses will find themselves fighting a lawsuit at some point during any year. Although in a litigious society like America, there are no guarantees that someone won’t find a reason or way to sue you, it’s still important to make it difficult. In fact, any legal dispute can be costly […]

Jake* is an experienced home remodeling contractor who has a small business employing five others and providing work for several independent subcontractors. His dream is to become a successful real estate investor like those he sees in his suburban region. In the meantime, he’s had a steady stream of local clients for which he does […]

  If you’re a small business owner who freelances like me, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of chasing payments from clients. Getting burned on promised fees is a huge problem for freelancers. In fact, according to the Freelancer’s Union, every year, the average amount freelancers are owed is about $6,000 in unpaid and late invoices. […]