Frankly, content marketing is largely about the writing. It just won’t work if the writing isn’t exceptional. That makes finding top writing talent a priority. But, one of the major content marketing talent gaps that marketing executives must fill in their content marketing teams is in expert strategic content writers. These are not “just writers.” […]

Most businesses know that publicity is one of the most effective marketing tactics they can use. In fact, many experienced professionals trust press coverage more than other content forms. That’s why I’m sure I get regular calls from prospective clients who want their story told in the media. But, they want me to write favorable publicity stories about […]

Today, a lot of people have great dreams of writing that best-selling novel or other book or making their online content “go viral” by becoming the next blogging or content marketing sensation. In fact, for books, the publishing industry has shifted so significantly that doors virtually have swung wide open to diverse voices through self-publishing. […]

It seems everyone in business is talking about “content marketing” these days. You read articles and hear buzz about it everywhere. But, is it worth seriously considering or just one more thing for you to do? And, what exactly is it? Let’s answer the second question first. Content marketing is the strategic marketing activity focused on consistently creating highly […]